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If you are after a trustworthy, experienced and excellent professional service then look no further than All In One Pest Control. We are committed to provide all of our customers with best possible service with satisfaction guaranteed.

Spiders do a great job eating insects around the house and garden. While spiders can be very beneficial around the home, eating many common insects around the house and garden However most of us would prefer them not to be around. They can also pose a significant danger to pets and children so it. Making it is important to enlist the help of the Pest management experts to give you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe. A spider bite on an adult person is typically painful, resulting in swelling localised around the bite, however some spider bites are fatal and can result in death. On a small child or pet, the results can be quite dramatic, so it is crucial to conduct effective spider management to reduce this risk. In winter months, spiders tend to retreat to warmer enclosed areas to lay eggs; in the summer they are more active. All In One Pest Control can offer you an effective year-round spider management plan. As the spider management experts in Perth area, we only use safe and effective means for the control and removal of spiders around the home or commercial premises without upsetting the local environment.
Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in households and businesses. They tend to favour conditions similar to those that humans live in, which is why effective cockroach treatments is so important. Cockroaches can contaminate food, utensils and preparation areas with droppings vomit and skin sheds. Additionally, wherever a cockroach infestation occurs is usually accompanied with an odour caused by their bodily secretions. Current legislation requires all food businesses to provide a kitchen free of pests., an easy way to do We can provide this is ffor us to provide you with our Foodsafe, compliant cockroach management programme.
If you want When it comes to effective, professional and safe ant management in WA then look no further than All In One Pest Control are the experts. Considering there are about 3000 different species of ants residing in Australia, ant management in Perth is crucial to avoid damage and the spread of disease. In Perth, the coastal brown ant invades homes and or commercial premises, causing a nuisance. Appliances can short out becoming a fire hazard. Ants can also spread disease. Ants found in Perth, enjoys sweet-tasting food and can also cause damage to appliances, including short-circuiting electrical appliances. becoming a fire hazard. We use proven techniques for the swift and safe management of ant colonies whilst preventing their return.
Mice and Rats (Rodents) can cause serious issues to your home, commercial premises or business. Not only are they a health hazard, they also but it can leave a lasting negative impression about your home or business. At All In One Pest Control we can provide a tailored plan in order to provide the most effective mouse, rat and rodent management and control available to ensure you receive the best-effective treatment options. The last thing that you want is a rodent infestation atto your premises. Since rodents can spread disease and they can also contaminate food and cause physical damage to electrical wiring and buildings. All In One Pest Control uses safe and effective methods when carrying out our proven rodent control in Perth. We identify the source of the infestation, provide efficient removal, ensure the proper treatment and control of the rodents, and prevent their return.
Termites are commonly referred to in Australia as ‘white ants’. These pests cause millions of dollars in damage to houses and structures in Perth annually, making termite pest control vital. If your home has termites and you want the most effective termite treatment. Are you are looking for a reliable termite management service in Perth? We can help you make an informed decision about the best treatment and prevention options. Treatments vary, so we will explain the differences and limitations of each treatment. When you have termite management services carried out. There are two main termite management strategies; either you are trying to create a barrier between the termites and your house, known as a chemical treatments, or you are trying to eradicate the termite colony (baiting). When it comes to termite management in Perth homes, a chemical treatment is the more traditional termite management strategy for termite removal, however colony eradication via a baiting system has some distinct benefits that are hard to ignore.
Portuguese Millepedes are an invasive pest in Australia, having been accidentally introduced in the 1950's they have spread over most of the mainland, due to the fact they have no known predators in Australia. When the weather is damp there are few limits on how fast and they how many can reproduce. While they are not directly harmful to humans, they may enter a residence in numbers, squashing them is ill advised as it releases Hydrogen Cyanide, which can permanently stain materials and irritate eyes. Recently Portuguese millipedes have been implicated in a train accident in Clarkson. We offer Millepede treatments as the most effective way to remove the threat to your home.
Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Did you know that the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia has drafted a standard clause called the ‘Timber Pest Pre-purchase Inspection Clause ‘in every building and sale contract? If you want your inspection to meet Australian Sstandards you have come to the right place.

You receive a thorough report detailing any current termite activity, prior termite damage, wood rot, fungal decay and conditions conductive to termite attack.
All work carried out by All in One Pest Control is fully insured.
We will arrange a time with your real estate agent and pick up keys if required.


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We offer a range of pest control packages to suit any pest problem you're experiencing. The price of pest control varies pending based on many factors when it comes to pest control including; the type of pest, the size of the infestation, treatment types, size of the treatable area and more. As it's difficult to provide an accurate quote we've created these base packages to help you get started.


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