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Pest Control

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At All in One Pest Control we specialise in all types of pest control, for both domestic and commercial properties. As well as offering general pest control services, we also offer;

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We choose to use products that are environmentally friendly, including low toxicity baits and Termidor treatments. Our products are low risk to both your family and your pets.

With the increase of major structural damage by termites on the increase throughout Australia many homeowners are beginning to ask what they can do to avoid the problem. At All in One Pest Control our choice of treatment depends on the problem.

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The most common product that we use is Termidor. Termidor was developed after years of dedicated research. It has had great success in the United States and is now one of the preferred products for pest control in Australia. Termidor has a number of advantages over other treatments, including;

Pest Control

In addition to Termidor we also use Biflex Aqua. Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on mother nature's very effective insecticide 'pyrethrem' which is extracted from the Pyrethrem Daisy. Biflex not only kills termites quickly but it also creates an invisible protective barrier that surrounds your home to keep termites out.

Remember, termites can silently destroy your home. Secure your investment today.

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